The Perfect Companion for Fresh and Delicious Picnic Treats for All the Family

We are celebrating International Picnic Day here at Coppice. It is the perfect occasion to gather family and friends, head outdoors, and enjoy a delightful BBQ. Ensuring that your food stays fresh and appetising from home to the picnic spot can be a challenge, but don’t worry—we have the perfect solution.

Our aluminium foil trays, along with matching lids, offer a practical and efficient solution to all your picnic needs.

Why Aluminium Foils Should Be a Staple for Any Picnic

Imagine a beautifully crisp quiche, warm and fragrant, or a chilled pasta salad, fresh and vibrant. Aluminium foil trays make these picnic dreams a reality. They are a versatile kitchen staple that excels at preserving the freshness and quality of your dishes. Acting as a barrier against moisture, air, and light—the main culprits of food spoilage—aluminium foil ensures that your food retains its flavour and texture for hours.

One of the standout features of aluminium foil is its ability to maintain the temperature of your food. Whether you need to keep your quiche warm or your pasta salad cool, aluminium foil insulates your dishes, keeping them at the perfect temperature until it’s time to eat. Moreover, aluminium foil is lightweight and easy to carry, making it extremely convenient and easily transportable.

Matching Lids for All Your Picnic Needs

Pairing aluminium foil trays with matching lids takes food preservation to the next level. Nobody wants to worry about a lovingly prepared summer pasta dish spilling in your picnic basket! This is where the secure seal of a matching lid comes in. It prevents spills and leaks, ensuring that your dishes arrive at the picnic spot just as you packed them. Additionally, containers with lids are easier to stack, saving space in your picnic basket and making the transport of multiple dishes more manageable. - Check out all our matching lids (LINK)

On International Picnic Day, let aluminium foil trays and matching lids be your trusty companions in keeping your picnic treats fresh, delicious, and ready to enjoy. From savoury quiches to hearty pasta dishes and sweet pies, these kitchen essentials ensure your food travels well.

Environmentally Savvy Picnics

Ever thought that you can not only enjoy a tasty picnic but also be environmentally savvy? Well, foil trays are here to prove it! They’re not just handy for packing picnic snacks; they’re also reusable, which means the picnic fun never has to end with throwing all your containers in the bin. You can simply give them a quick wash when you get home, and they’re ready for your next use. This not only reduces waste but also minimises the need for single-use plastic.

Finding the right aluminium foil trays and matching lids is easy, as they are readily available at many stores. You can find our high-quality products at various retail stores we supply. For added convenience, you can also purchase them through our Amazon account or reach out to our sales team who will be more than happy to assist with any outdoor catering requirements.